How I take my coffee.


How we take our coffee is something so personal.

Milk? Sugar? Bulletproof? 

When I'm in a rush or away from home, I go for straight-up black or a splash of almond milk.

BUT, when I'm home - it's a deliciously creamy blend made with coconut butter, MCT oil, medicinal mushrooms, and maca powder. It's essentially a vegan bulletproof coffee, and it powers me through my mornings like nothing else.

Why bulletproof? 

True bulletproof coffee is a mix of high-quality, organic coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil (a concentrated form of coconut oil). 

My blend uses half the fat, skips the butter, and adds in a good dose of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting superfoods. The MCT oil creates a super creamy concoction that keeps me full for several hours, encourages fat burning (yes, fat helps burn fat!), and prevents a post-caffeine energy crash.

Technically, bulletproof coffee is supposed to replace breakfast, but skipping a meal just doesn't make sense in my book. I still eat something 1-2 hours after my coffee - usually as a post-workout refuel or mid-morning snack.

So, what's in it? 

Coffee: Of course! Try to use organic, fair-trade coffee if possible. (And to be completely transparent, I use a Keurig! This is my favorite brand for pods.)

Coconut butter + MCT oil: First of all, don't fear fat! Studies show coconut oil (and the more concentrated MCT oil) may help with fat loss and increase metabolism. It also has anti-microbial properties, supports gut health, and keeps skin supple. 

Medicinal mushrooms: These are completely optional, but I love them for immune support. Their complex compounds have been shown to have a whole host of health benefits that we're only beginning to understand. 

Maca powder: A superfood and adaptogenic root from Peru. It's been show to help balance hormones, increase stamina, reduce anxiety, and increase mental clarity + libido. Plus, it has a malted, nutty flavor - so it's a perfect addition to coffee (or baked goods, oatmeal, smoothies, etc.)

Astralagus: Another favorite adaptogen (a compound that helps the body adapt to stress and reach equilibrium). Astralagus specifically is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and has been valued for supporting healthy immune function, reducing inflammation, and protecting the cardiovascular system.

Let me know if you try this recipe! And as always #erinparekh on Instagram and let me see your creations. 

xx Erin

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

8-10 ounces hot organic, fair-trade coffee
2-3 tsp. coconut butter
1-2 tsp. MCT oil (or use 1 Tbs. coconut butter total)
1/2 tsp. medicinal mushroom blend
1/4 tsp. maca powder
1/4 tsp. astralagus
splash vanilla extract (optional)

Add all ingredients to high-speed blender, and blend on high for 30-60 seconds until frothy and the coconut butter has emulsified.

Pour into your favorite mug. Enjoy! 

For a non-blender version: 

Just add 2 tsp. MCT oil to your morning mug along with any adaptogens you'd like. Feel free to add a splash of dairy free creamer as well. 

Blend it up with a electric whisk (like this one), and you're set!

(Use a larger mug than usual to prevent any coffee overflow while whisking - personal experience...)


Medicinal mushroom powders and adaptogens are completely optional. Feel free to play around with a blend that works best for you or omit them entirely. Try swapping out what I have listed above for reishi mushroom powder, ashwaghanda, and/or rhodiola. As a note, I never add more than 2-3 of these to any one cup of coffee - usually sticking to 1/4 tsp. each. Again, use your judgement and speak to your healthcare provider to discuss.