Superseed Superfood Muesli

Superseed Superfood MUesli

September is always a wake-up call from the slower-paced summer months, and I’ve definitely found it hard to get back into my routine — especially in the mornings.

But this blend has been my breakfast saving grace over the past few weeks. I used to take out individual jars and bags of ingredients each night to make my morning muesli. Or I’d simply find it too annoying and not make it at all!

Then one day it hit me — like granola or other store bought products, why don’t I just make my own blend with all of my favorite ingredients and superfoods. And it’s been the best thing ever. I just add a couple tablespoons to a jar with yogurt or almond milk, mix it up, let it sit overnight, and add any toppings in the morning. It’s such a timesaver and the flavor is amazing.

If you’re new to some of these ingredients, here’s a quick breakdown of why I love each one:

Chia seeds: protein + fiber + omega-3 fats + magnesium + calcium + iron
Hemp hearts: protein powerhouse containing all 9 essential amino acids + healthy fats
Pumpkin seeds: vitamin E + zinc
Sunflower seeds: vitamin E + magnesium + selenium
Flax seeds: high in omega-3s + soluble fiber
Shredded coconut: good source of medium-chain triglycerides (healthy fats)
Cacao nibs: antioxidant powerhouse + fiber + magnesium (plus it’s chocolate!)
Goji berries: vitamin A + vitamin C + antioxidants + 8 essential amino acids
Mulberries: resveratrol + vitamin C + iron + antioxidants

You can customize your blend to whatever is on hand in your pantry, but I do suggest keeping the chia + flax seeds and at least one dried fruit as it’s those that help the mixture thicken up nicely.

Superseed Superfood Muesli

Makes roughly 2 cups (8-12 servings)

1/4 cup each:
Chia seeds
Hemp hearts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Flax seeds
Shredded coconut, unsweetened
Cacao nibs
Goji berries

Mix together dry ingredients and store in airtight container in fridge.

To serve: 

Mix 3-4 tablespoons muesli mix with 6 ounces yogurt or 4 ounces nut/seed milk and soak overnight (or for at least 2 hours). Top with fruit, nut butter, and/or granola. 

You can also use this as a topping for smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. 

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