Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Moms & Kids Alike!

Easy, healthy breakfast ideas

Getting in a wholesome breakfast is one of the biggest hurdles I see from my clients — not only for themselves but also for their family. The morning rush is no joke!

As with every meal, it’s important to have both protein and fat to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent a mid-morning crash. Whole food carbohydrates (think fiber!) definitely have a place, but they need to be balanced out properly — a bowl of cereal just doesn’t cut it.

The Perfect Trifecta

Sometimes (a lot of the time?) all we have is 5 minutes to grab and go. Which is why it’s so important to have a few super simple options available that fall within the perfect trifecta of protein + fat + fiber.

Here are a few of my 3-ingredient staples:

Eggs + Avocado + Berries
Sprouted toast + Nut/seed butter + Hemp hearts
Plain yogurt (full fat organic or plant-based) + Flax meal + Banana

Blend It Up

I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like a smoothie. But the problem is they’re usually loaded with way too much fruit and not enough protein, fiber, or fat to create a sustaining, nourishing meal.

My go-to smoothie formula:

1 large handful leafy greens (spinach, kale)
6-8 ounces liquid (raw coconut water, unsweetened nondairy milk, or no-fruit green juice)
1-2 Tbs. healthy fat (nut/seed butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flax, avocado, coconut)
1/4 - 1/2 cup frozen organic fruit (berries, pineapple, mango, cherries, banana, etc.)
1/2-1 scoop plant-based protein powder (optional)

For some of my favorite smoothie combinations, check out my post here.

A few notes: To sneak in vegetables that aren’t green because let’s face it — some kids just won’t touch them. Try adding a few chunks of frozen zucchini or steamed, then frozen cauliflower. They won’t change the color of the smoothie and make for a thick and creamy blend, allowing you to use less frozen fruit.

When choosing fruit, try to stick with low glycemic fruits such as berries. Only use up to 1/2 a banana per serving.

And in terms of protein powders, look for pea and hemp protein powders rather than ones with brown rice.

Think Outside the Box

Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, or toast. Heating up leftovers can be one of the easiest and most nutritious ways to start your day.

Have a small bowl of lentil soup, mix quinoa with a few roasted sweet potatoes and a dollop of hummus, or pair a piece of salmon / chicken with leftover greens or grain.

Make It Ahead

I usually prepare my breakfast the night (or even a few days) before. Even for a smoothie, I’ll measure out the protein powder and nut butter into my blender to cut down on steps the next morning.

My favorite make-ahead breakfasts are overnight oats and chia pudding. They’re great for families because once you make the base, everyone can personalize their own with different toppings — nuts, seeds, fruit, maybe even a few chocolate chips!

Essential Overnight Oats

Coconut Chia Pudding

And for a savory breakfast, frittatas are my go-to. I’ll take leftover veggies from dinner and add them as the base, then throw it in the oven as I’m doing dishes. It also makes a great lunch option with a handful of greens thrown on top.

For the Weekend

I love a lazy weekend breakfast (or brunch) and taking the time to prepare a more thoughtful (but not difficult!) morning meal.

Shakshuka (Savory Baked Eggs)

Banana Blender Pancakes

Baked Oatmeal

Weekends are also great for getting a leg-up on meal prep.

Try making a batch of this Raspberry Chia Jam for topping toast or yogurt.

Or bake up a loaf of my favorite Buckwheat Banana Bread for a Monday morning treat. It’s delicious topped with almond butter for a dose of healthy fat.