In My Fridge: Week of April 16th

Week of April 16th

What a busy, but fun week! And, it finally felt like spring towards the end of it. Ravi and I both had several evening events this week, so having food prepped and ready was key to staying on track.

Here's how it broke down: 

Grocery List

Sweet potato

Wild salmon

Coconut or cashew yogurt

Pantry | Staple Items

Coconut oil
Almond butter
Pumpkin seeds

Meal Prep Components

Chopped Vegetables - for salads, snacks with hummus, and smoothies
carrots | radish | cucumber

Chopped and Washed Kale - for salads and quick sautés

Cooked Quinoa and Lentils - for salads and dinner bowls

Roasted Sweet Potatoes - for salads and dinner bowls

Overnight Oats - Make a batch or two for your week ahead. They keep well for 2-3 days. 

Dijon Roasted Wild Salmon - I like to incorporate wild fish into my diet for the healthy omega-3 fatty acids and will buy a fillet every other week or so. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a tray with parchment paper. Then rub top of fillet with salt, pepper, olive oil, and dijon mustard. Roast in the oven for 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet. 


The Dishes


Protein Pancakes

3-ingredients and that's it! (Unless you want to make them green and add a little spirulina too - last minute decision.)

Mash 1 small banana with 1 tablespoon nut or seed butter, then stir in one beaten egg. Heat a skillet to medium, melt a little coconut oil, and add pancake batter to pan 1/4 cup at a time. Flip pancakes when you see bubbles forming on the top. Easy! And super filling.


Warmer weather has me trading in my warm porridge bowls for the soaked overnight kind. This one uses coconut yogurt as the base and I cut back on the oat volume for a little thinner consistency. Original recipe linked in the headline. Topped with paleo granola and berries.


Omelet with Spinach and Quinoa

On Mondays I take a 9:30am spin class, which means I usually don't have my first big meal until almost 11am. And as a refuel, I know my body needs protein and a little bit of carb.

I quickly sautéed the spinach and quinoa in a pan with a touch of coconut oil. Then removed them and cooked my eggs with a touch more oil - I love the slight sweetness coconut oil adds when cooked with eggs.


Salad Bowl #1

I'm calling this a salad bowl over a nourish bowl because I had it for lunch. But it's really either - the line between them is fine! Quinoa, avocado, two coconut oil fried eggs, arugula, sauerkraut, and a gomasio topping. Protein, fiber, healthy fats, and probiotics = a perfectly filling lunch.


Salad Bowl #2

An arugula base topped with avocado, pumpkin seeds, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber, ruby kraut, and a big dollop of hummus.

I dress my salads very lightly, and I find that the hummus, avocado, and kraut usually provide enough to coat the rest of the veggies.


Salad Bowl #3

This salad uses up the other half of a salmon fillet I had from dinner the previous night.

Baby spinach, avocado, kraut, veggies, and pumplkin seeds round it out! I think my dressing was a little lemon juice and olive oil.


Salmon, Lentils, & Roasted Veggies

I never meal prep my broccoli or asparagus. They take 15 minutes to cook - which just so happens to be roughly the same amount of time it takes to cook salmon. Add a bed of spinach and some meal prep lentils and it's a perfectly balanced plate.

Also - have to practice what I preach - notice that half the plate is green!


Quinoa, Lentils, and Kale

This is my 5-minute meal prep dinner for the win.

Quickly wilt pre-chopped kale with olive oil and red pepper flakes. Stir in lentils and quinoa, then cook until warmed through. Add a little avocado for healthy fats and you're set!