In My Fridge

You already know I'm a HUGE proponent of meal prep and using a core group of ingredients throughout the week. And I'm sure you also think, yeah, this makes perfect sense in theory, but how do I actually practice it in real life?!

Well, I've got you covered with this series: In My Fridge. 

Every few weeks, I post my general shopping list, meal prep components, and the actual meals I make with all of it. You'll see that lots of what I cook has no real recipe at all. It's about combining those core ingredients (leftovers included!) with various supporting players to mix things up and keep each week interesting. 

Also, if you haven't checked out my pantry yet, head on over. It's filled with all the goods that I typically keep on hand for easy, healthy, delicious meals. 

And lastly, for a super simple meal prep tutorial, download your copy of Easy, Nourishing Meals in Minutes.