Are you ready to ditch the diet mindset? To cut through the food confusion? To find a simple, sustainable way of eating so you can look and feel your best long-term?


Our bodies inherently know what they need to heal and feel their best. The key is learning to listen. 

As a holistic nutrition + wellness coach, I'm trained to guide and support you on your personal journey to reclaim your health and find balance (without dieting or excluding entire food groups).

I follow an informative, supportive, and high level approach to coaching.

My specialties are emotional eating, digestive distress, low energy, and hormone imbalances due to stress and improper nutrition. Yes, weight loss is generally happens too - but I consider it a positive side effect rather than the main goal. 

It’s my mission to prove living a happy, healthy, purposeful life doesn't have to be hard or complicated. 

The key is making it work for your body, your needs, and your way of life. 

We're all busy (beyond busy!), but there are easy ways to implement positive change. And once you start developing those habits, putting your health first starts to become second nature. Especially when you start noticing results.

Health coaching is a partnership, and we'll collaborate to figure out what works best for you.

Here's the thing, we're all unique beings, and that's what's so wonderful! But it also means there's no one-size-fits-all path to wellness. Eating whole and living well isn't about deprivation or a quick fix. We each have specific needs, and following strict guidelines simply doesn't work.

My programs focus on whole food nutrition and positive mindset shifts. There's no calorie counting, weekly weigh-ins, or exclusion of entire food groups. Instead, we'll take a foundational approach and determine the root of what’s causing dysfunction in your body. We’ll focus on nutrient-dense foods and build a lifestyle that promotes attainable, long-term health. 

I adore having Erin as my health coach! She has completely changed my relationship to food and exercise, and I’ve grown so much in our time together.
— Client, Brooklyn, NY
“I discovered Erin on Instagram and after meeting and working with her, it’s been a positive and great experience. I have learned so much on improving my eating and dietary needs that will continue with me for my long term goals. I plan to rework with Erin in the future for touch bases etc. I can’t thank you enough!”
— Kim K., Fairfield, CT
I definitely feel more energized and my skin looks more vibrant. I also no longer feel hungry throughout the day as I am eating different foods. Thanks so much for this opportunity!
— Tracy K., New York, NY

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My Programs



28 Days to a Healthier YOU

This program is a nutrition focused, 28-day plan designed to refresh and reset your eating habits. Consider it a healthy lifestyle jumpstart and a great introduction on how to incorporate whole living into your everyday.

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Eat. Live. Be.

90-day Transformation Program

This program encompasses a whole life approach to wellness and is meant for those who are truly committed to making a lasting change. We’ll dig deep to assess your goals and create a program tailored specifically to you.


The Clean Sweep

Kitchen Clean-out + Grocery Store Tour

In this one-time session, we’ll purge your pantry of the junk, discuss healthier alternatives, and go grocery shopping to restock your kitchen with some of my favorite essentials. 


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –