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Cooking Classes


I believe that health begins in the kitchen – It’s the heart of the home.

As a Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert, I strive to teach my clients how to eat well, nourish their bodies, and understand the WHY behind it all.

A big part of that is building confidence in the kitchen and learning how to cook wholesome, approachable food at home using simple ingredients and keeping time to a minimum.

I offer private, small group, and large format demonstration-based cooking classes with completely customizable menus and themes.

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Events & Media


Corporate Wellness, Workshops and On-Air

I love connecting with audiences and groups in person and through the media — from corporate wellness workshops, to speaking engagements, to on-air cooking segments.

Here are just a few examples of work I've done in the past:


What to Eat: Building a Balanced Plate

How to Eat: The Importance of Being Mindful


Coffee with Marci: Nourishing Meals in Minutes


The Inside Scoop 

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