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Kim Kopca

I discovered Erin on Instagram and after meeting and working with her over the course of 12-weeks, it’s been an absolute positive and life-altering experience. 

I have learned so much on improving my eating and dietary needs that will continue with me for my long term goals. I plan to rework with Erin in the future for touch bases etc. I can’t thank her enough! 

— Fairfield, CT

Jenny Morrissey

I adore having Erin as my health coach! She has completely changed my relationship to food and exercise, and I’ve grown so much in our time together. 

With Erin, I have a friend and coach in my corner helping me set ambitious, but achievable, goals. Each time we talk she helps me assess what’s working and what isn’t, and suggests the small, impactful tweaks I can make to stay more in balance.

— Brooklyn, NY

Marla Martello

Deciding to change my eating habits was a long time in the making.  I knew I should start the process, but I really felt I needed guidance — and that’s when I found Erin. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, but also very approachable.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the information, but with her encouragement, I realized that I knew I was ready to start my journey — and the changes really were easy once I got started. I didn’t have to worry about portion size or counting points, and I never had to weigh anything. It really did boil down to common sense and how to apply it to my life and schedule.

In the course of only 6-weeks, Erin helped me to lose over 10 pounds, gain energy, and feel so much healthier overall. 

— Greenwich, CT


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I started working with Erin to try to get my reward-based eating/drinking and crazy business travel diet snafus under control but what I got was so much more. 

Erin taught me how to listen to my body like never before.

While I thought I was in tune with how I felt physically, I wasn’t. I quickly started craving foods that were nutrient rich and if I didn’t follow cues, would feel it the next day. She encouraged me to always ask myself “why”...while I could go ahead and have that post-dinner snack, I always came back to understand and acknowledge why I was doing it.

I developed healthy habits - even for when on the road - and a much healthier relationship through Erin’s support and coaching and am forever grateful!

– Boston, MA

Erin Szuch

Working with Erin has been a dream come true. At the end of our time together, I can honestly say I’m less bloated, clear-headed, and have so much more energy. Not to mention my pants are looser! But most importantly, I feel confident and prepared to move forward with this new lifestyle on my own. Erin has truly given me the tools for a lifetime of health. 

— Rochester, MI

Jenn Rutha

Thank you so much for such an awesome cleanse!! I felt amazing at the end of the week and have incorporated some of the recipes into my normal rotation. All of the information provided was thorough and really easy to navigate. There is definitely another reFRESH in my future!

— Wyckoff, NJ

Brenda Sobecki

I truly love the concept of reFresh!   This positive approach kept me moving forward and inspired me to Fresh thinking as well. Your approach to healthy eating is easy to implement and sustain.  My body loves the tasty recipes you provided and I felt lighter right away! Thank you so much for providing this tool to reset my digestive system and reenergize my intentional food consumption. You are what you eat!

— Washington, IN

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Jennifer N.

I can’t say enough good things about Erin’s coaching, she changed my life! I met Erin through a mutual friend and had seen her nutritional posts on social media. I decided to reach out and I am so glad I did. 

At that time I had a fast-paced, highly demanding job in New York City, which meant I never had time for breakfast, I drank coffee to keep me going throughout the day, and when I would crash in the afternoon I would turn to quick comfort food in the cafeteria. By the time I would get home in the evening, I would be too tired to shop for dinner or cook, so I’d order take out or raid the fridge for snacks as dinner. I knew I needed to change my eating habits, but I needed someone to give me structure and hold me accountable.

Erin helped me identify the changes I needed to make, provided a structure that I could easily integrate into my busy lifestyle, and she held me accountable to make sure I didn’t fail. Over the course of our 12-week program, I felt so much healthier, I gained energy, and I even lost 10 pounds! She really helped me become more mindful of my nutritional and physical wellbeing. And the best part is, the habits and skills I learned while working with Erin have stuck with me long term.

— New York, NY


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