Public Speaking 

+ Events + Media

I love connecting with audiences and groups in person and through the media - from corporate wellness workshops, to speaking engagements at your community center, to on-air cooking segments. 

Here are just a few examples of work I've done in the past: 


What to Eat: Building a Balanced Plate

How to Eat: The Importance of Being Mindful


Coffee with Marci: Cooking + Nutrition Segments (Nourishing Meals in Minutes)

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Brand Partnerships

Let's work to highlight your brand! Connecting with business who are just as passionate about health and wellness as me is one of the best parts of my career.

I truly believe living a happy, healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be hard or complicated, and so much of that revolves around finding the right brands + business to recommend to my clients and followers.


Recipe Development: I love creating new recipes and finding unique ways to use products. My recipes are always plant-focused, primarily gluten-free, and low (or no) sugar added. Visit my recipe page for samples of my work. Recipes can post on your site or mine (or both!). 

Informational Posts: Great for new products, workouts, or other wellness trends that the general public is not as familiar with. 

Social media shares, giveaways, and take-overs: I can use your product, visit your location, or share my professional opinion on either your or my social channel.